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In my iPad app.i want to increment a label value when click a button.

enter image description here

actually label values are sending from previous view. so now i clicked a button but the last label value was incremented. see the below picture.

in the above picture i want to increment the label value in between the minus(-) and plus(+) buttons. but when i clicked plus button in first view but the label value is incremented on the third view.

 **  the above three views shown on the picture are sub viewed the scroll view **

i'm using this code......

    val = [sender tag];
    NSLog(@"the_tag %d",val);
    [self createOrderView];
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According to you fist give same tag value for - and + button and label in that single view so when click on the button in button action

    NSArray *subviews=[self.scrollview subviews];  
            for(UIView *sb_local in subviews)  
                            if(sb_local.tag==[sender tag])

                                 if([sb_local isKindOfClass:[UILabel class]])
                                      UILabel *new_label=(UILabel *)[sb_local viewWithTag:pictag];  
                                      new_label.text = @"your value";
                                 //[new_label.text intValue]you get int value from that label.Increment or decrement that int value according your (+,-)button actions and assign again it to that label.


Please place this code in ibaction + and - buttons please give different actions for + and - buttons in each view

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