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Im having a hard time working out a proper DQL to generate cumulative sum. I can do it in plain SQL but when it comes to DQL i cant get hold of it.

Here is how it looks in SQL:

    SELECT, p.date_short, p.nettobuy,
    (select sum(pp.nettobuy) as sum from price pp where pp.stock_id = p.stock_id and p.broker_id = pp.broker_id and pp.date_short <= p.date_short) as cumulative_sum
FROM price p
    left join stock s on p.stock_id =
    group by p.stock_id, p.date_short
    order by p.stock_id, p.date_short


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Hey, I have check the documentation for Doctrine 1.2, and the way to create the query is (put attention on the alias):

$query = Doctrine_Query::create();
$query->addSelect('AVG(price) as price');
$query->addSelect('AVG(cost) as cost');
// as many addSelect() as you need

To output the SQL query created:

echo $query->getSqlQuery();

To execute the statement:

$product = $query->fetchOne();

And to access the retrieved data is:

echo $product->getPrice();
echo $product->getCost();

Read the rest of the documentation at Group By Clauses.

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Thanks, saved my life. – PurplePilot Oct 7 '10 at 10:42

You just specify the sum in your select part of the DQL:

$query = Doctrine_Query::create()

Check out this page in the Doctrine documentation for more info.

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