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According to Ruby on Rails API Docs you can deprecate methods with help of method #deprecate. This is all fine.

My question is; is it possible to deprecate static methods - if so, how?

For regular methods you can just do something like this:

deprecate :my_method
def my_method
  # ...

Bot this gives me headache (and its not working):

deprecate :"self.my_method"
def self.my_method
  # ...

P.s.: I know I can raise warning from method like so:

def self.my_method
  ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn "the warning..."
  # ...
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You should call deprecate on the metaclass:

class Test1
  def self.hello
    puts "Test1"
  singleton_class.deprecate :hello
  # or
  class << self ; deprecate :hello ; end
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It is important here that the deprecation occur after the method declaration, and not before. – Grant Neufeld Jan 1 at 14:37
For those wondering: This works for static module methods, too! :-) – das-g Apr 16 at 15:37

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