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I got a seq like this:

(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f)

I want to filter out uppercase ASCII letters in it like \A and \Z

I tried to look up in the standard library but no luck.

Can anybody help me?

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Use the following

(filter #(Character/isUpperCase %) `(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f))

Results : (\A \Z)

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Thanks. It is a java function haha. – yehe Feb 28 '13 at 11:33
Without using Java: (filter #(not= (str %) (clojure.string/lower-case %)) `(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f)) – Xavi May 28 at 18:29

Or you might also use re-seq and regular expressions:

((fn [x] (seq (apply str (re-seq #"[A-Z]" (apply str x))))) '(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f))

which also returns (\A \Z).

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My solution:

(filter (set (map char (range 65 91))) 
       '(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f))


'(\A \Z)
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This is more verbose, but you can also define your own function to do it:

(defn cap-detector [x] (loop [res [] arg (apply str x)] (cond (empty? arg) (filter (fn [x] (Character/isLetter x)) res) :else (if (= (clojure.string/upper-case (first arg)) (str (first arg))) (recur (conj res (first arg)) (rest arg)) (recur res (rest arg))))))

And call the cap-detector with your sequence of characters will give you what you want:

(cap-detector '(\$ \# \A \( \* \& \9 \8 \7 \Z \f)) => (\A \Z)

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