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I use the DojoX Enhanced Grid widget, which comes with translations for a few languages(locales) built in: See

If I want to add a new locale (let's say cn (chinese) or ru (russian)), how do I do that?

If I were hosting Dojo locally, that would be rather trivial (I would just add a folder under the dojox/grid/enhanced/nls/ directory for the locale of my choice and provide translations over there), but in my case, I have dojo loaded from a CDN.

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That is quite easy. You can configure many global properties (including locale) via dojo config object, before dojo.js is loaded.

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Found out that the correct locale code for chinese is zh, not cn. Both chinese and russian are already supported by dojox/grid.

I don't think there's a way to add a new language, (say Hindi or Latin), without hosting dojo locally. Even with dojo hosted locally, it's not a trivial matter of adding a new folder for that locale; there's something more to be done with it that I don't know.

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