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Often i only need the 2nd thing that was returned from a function; for example the code below where i want get a list of .txt files and get the filenames without the extension:

import os, glob
indir = "/home/alvas/whatever/"
for infile in glob.glob(os.path.join(indir,'*'):
  PATH, FILENAME = os.path.split(infile)

Instead of doing:

PATH, FILENAME = os.path.split(infile)

I could also do:

FILENAME = os.path.split(infile)[1]

Are there other ways of doing this?

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_, FILENAME = os.path.split(infile) – Alexey Kachayev Feb 28 '13 at 11:22
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One idiomatic way is to do

_, FILENAME = os.path.split(infile)

With the convention that _ is a variable that you are discarding or ignoring.

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How about this:

_, filename = os.path.split(infile)
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