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I have read the sheet 1 column and put in array list having [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday].

Id   Apps           Remarks
1    laucher        Sunday will be holiday.
2    ninja          Monday prevails ground.
3    car            kamal act in Wednesday movie.
4    angrybird      Cyclone form may be on Thursday.
5    zedge          Keeps going to temple every Friday.
6    skype          We wen movie to AGS on Saturday.

This is the excel file with three columns namely id, apps and remarks. I need to get the cell value from column1 and the corresponding values from column3 like

1 Sunday will be holiday.
2 Monday prevails ground. 

then store it as key value pair in Map using Java. Now compare the value from map contains with the above array list value (ignorecase). How to code this in Java?

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Try Apache POI, an excellent tool for dealing with excel files.

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You can to use JExcelApi to read an excel file in Java. Refer to this tutorial.

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