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I'm mulling over what technologies to use for an upcoming project that needs to use both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Smart (LE) among other things. I want it to be available on various devices including mobile and desktop so Adobe AIR looked like an interesting way of re-using code.

Ideally I'd like to reach:

  • Apple mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
  • Windows mobile devices
  • Windows desktop
  • Mac desktop

Googling around I'm not seeing a great deal about using Bluetooth and AIR with mobile devices. I did find this native extension to use Bluetooth Classic on iOS: https://github.com/jamieowen/AirNativeiOS-Bluetooth. I can't see much about Bluetooth LE with AIR either.

So my questions are: Is it feasible to use Adobe AIR for this purpose? Has anyone done it? How much could be done with AIR libraries and how much would need to be native extenstions?

Thanks for reading.

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