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I have a database with factories and categories. each factory has to be in a certain category. I show my categories in a sidebar on my webpage.

How do i create hyperlinks from those categories so I can see which factories are in that specific category?

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Use a foreach loop to fetch a mySQL record and display the data.

<?php $result = $this->model->get_detail();
   foreach ($result->result() as $row)

<a href="link" style="color:#FF0000" >
    <?php echo $row->id;?>

<?php }?>
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You can do it like this. When a user clicks on the category on your sidebar redirect it to something like


You can get this category from the index.php page using the get function something like

$category = $_GET['category']; //this in this case will store 'something' in $category

And you can use it to drag values from your database.

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