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I have two scenario:

  1. Load all data on page load and store that data in a json. After that query on a json.
  2. If particular event occurs then fire sql query and load data each time for every new event.

Which is the best and faster way?

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Depends a lot on the frequency of the events and/or the size of the data. –  hank Feb 28 '13 at 12:07
using second will save your loading time of page. if the data size travelling to n forth is larger then using first method will b feasible.. –  KADesh Feb 28 '13 at 12:09

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Best and Faster way depends on exact scenario. But for most web applications its recommend to use the 2nd way.

You never know how much data will be in 1 year later. This make initial loading very slow, because all data has to be loaded.

JSON, JS, AJaX are there to support Async requests to server only required data. You can load few more data [but not all] which you suppose will be useful.

With 2nd method, you can introduce pagination and initially load some data for a single page and, other on user request. Also its possible to load rest of the data in background asynchronously, so the users doesn't feel any slowness.

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Of course, second one is much better. In such way, you save bandwidth, server's CPU and RAM and you speed up your page loading.

Always give user only things he really need.

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