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I'm using 80legs to crawl the web for certain information. The information needed is specified in 80legs with regex. So for example, if I just need to parse images on my url list, I specify <img.*?>.

Now I also need to grab any anchors inside a div which has class "rellink relarticle mainarticle" . For example:

<div class="rellink relarticle mainarticle">Main articles: <a href="/wiki/Theophrastus"   title="Theophrastus">Theophrastus</a> and <a href="/wiki/Historia_Plantarum" title="Historia Plantarum">Historia Plantarum</a></div>

I tried adding

<div class="rellink relarticle mainarticle">.*?<a.*?>

but that only grabs the first anchor inside the div, even when there's more than one. Is it possible to change this code to grab all anchors inside the div?

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<div class="rellink relarticle mainarticle">.*?<a.*?> matches the div's opening tag followed by any number of characters followed by an anchor. So use

<div class="rellink relarticle mainarticle">.*?(<a.*?>)+


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Naveed, I tried it but it didn't work. I'm wondering if maybe it's because there are some other characters between the anchors? See the updated question. –  Phil Feb 28 '13 at 13:12
@Phil <div class="rellink relarticle mainarticle">(.*?(<a.*?>.*</a>)+.*?)+ matches the whole div. Is it the required one? –  Naveed S Mar 1 '13 at 6:17

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