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From GAE docs a reversed cursor can be made by:

rev_cursor = cursor.reversed()

I am looking for something like cursor.is_reversed() that will return whether the cursor has been reversed or not.

Does that exist?

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No, no such information is retained. The .reversed() call simply returns a new cursor with reversed positions:

def reversed(self):
    """Creates a cursor for use in a query with a reversed sort order."""
    for pos in self.__compiled_cursor.position_list():
        if pos.has_start_key():
            raise datastore_errors.BadRequestError('Cursor cannot be reversed.')

    rev_pb = datastore_pb.CompiledCursor()
    for pos in rev_pb.position_list():
        pos.set_start_inclusive(not pos.start_inclusive())
    return Cursor(_cursor_pb=rev_pb)

(Source re-indented to a 4-space indent for readability).

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