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Can someone please assist me. I run the module below and it works fine but it pastes the contents of the cells(formulas) rather than the values. I know it is a paste special for the values but not sure where to tweak. Also I would like on the to copy the rows out of a variable table which spans A:K and then paste into an identicle table. sorry if not clear, not sure why the code is displaying funny below. Starts from sub:

Sub armine_profitTEST()
    Dim r As Long, endRow As Long, pasteRowIndex As Long

    endRow = 500 ' of course it's best to retrieve the last used row number via a function
    pasteRowIndex = 5

    For r = 1 To endRow 'Loop through sheet1 and search for your criteria

        If Cells(r, Columns("F").Column).Value = "Armine" Then 'Found
            'Copy the current row

            'Switch to the sheet where you want to paste it & paste

           'Next time you find a match, it will be pasted in a new row
            pasteRowIndex = pasteRowIndex + 1

           'Switch back to your table & continue to search for your criteria
        End If
    Next r
End Sub
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Just use pasteSpecial:

Dim xRng As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range

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sorry to be ignorant but where in the above code do i place it? –  user2119567 Feb 28 '13 at 14:09
@user2119567 This is an example. You have to paste the data you want, in your case I think it should be Selection. And you have to paste where and where you want, of course O.o –  SysDragon Feb 28 '13 at 15:02

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