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I am trying to set up a filter to include only data for a particular directory and all its sub directories.

For example, I would like to include data from dogs directory and subdirectories


When creating a new filter I think I should select a Pre-defined filter to Include only traffic to the subdirectories that begin with the subdirectory /dogs/ and not case sensitive.

I am just a bit confused about whether it should be that begin with or that are equal to. Am I right to use that begin with in my situation and is my subdirectory value correct?

(I ask because it takes 24 hours for the data to update so getting it wrong costs a lot of time)

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Turns out I was right. To filter on a directory and all subdirectories the settings should be

  • Predefined-Filter
  • Include Only
  • traffic to the subdirectories
  • that begin with
  • /dogs/
  • Not case sensitive
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