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I went through some documentation regarding Phonegap. Coming from an Android background, I wanted to try out phonegap so that I could develop multiple-platform apps relatively fast, however I am uncertain on a specific point. Is it possible to install phonegap on eclipse and code a multiple-platform app from there? Or do I have to stay installing xcode, visual basic etc and coding for every one?

Can someone kindly indicate what the best practice is in this situation?

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Check out this link :

Integrate Phonegap with Eclipse

That will show you step by step process.

if you want to use the same code for multiple platform then you have to upload the code which is under www folder to Phonegap site. They will provide you multiple builds directly. Or if you proceed separately like Android above then you have to generate separate builds with separate ides available like eclipse for Android and xcode for iphone.


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but the code I generate from that IDE, how can I use it for multiple platforms? Or will it only work on Android? Thanks – progdoc Feb 28 '13 at 13:15
@progdoc see my edit for the details. – Pratik Sharma Feb 28 '13 at 13:21

When you will download PhoneGap that will be included with an example just import that example & run that example in eclipse & go through all the files available in that Project . So that you will understand that which files you have to put where & how .

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