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How to set a message box which has buttons like "ok" and "cancel"? Also can we name our own names for the buttons? And can we write source codes for those buttons, like

ok.click, form1.show() and if cancel.click form5.show()
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You could use MessageBoxButtons enum to specify different kinds of buttons on messagebox and use DialogResult after the button is clicked to specify different actions for each type of messagebox button. Or create your own MessageBox

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Try this:

MessageBox.Show("put your text here", "here the title of you message", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Hand)

after the second comma [,] you can put the type of buttons and at the last you can put the icon you think it will best suit your message box


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This should work:

If (MsgBox("Your Text", MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel, "MessageBox Title") = MsgBoxResult.Ok) Then
    End If
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This is a simple message box:

If MessageBox.Show("some msg", "caption", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel) = DialogResult.Cancel Then
    ' you cancel it, so i will show another message box
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