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We have an asp.net website created in vb.net. Now we want to use CDN for this site content. Not only for images, css, script files but also for generated content.

It now works in this way: vb.net code behind generates whole html. We do not use postback events, only our custom url rewriting module. An example:

http://my-page.com/articles/my-new-article points to Article.aspx page that renders all html depending on article title "my-new-article".

My question: will CDN cache such returned dynamically generated html or only images, css, js files?

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You can use @ OutputCache directive for caching your dynamically generated pages.

ASP.NET allows you to cache some or all of the response generated by an ASP.NET page, referred to in ASP.NET as output caching. You can cache the page at the browser making the request, at the Web server responding to the request, and at any other cache-capable devices, such as proxy servers, that are in the request or response stream.

@ OutputCache: Declaratively controls the output caching policies of an ASP.NET page or a user control contained in a page.

<%@ OutputCache Duration="#ofseconds"
   Location="Any | Client | Downstream | Server | None | 
     ServerAndClient "
   Shared="True | False"
   VaryByCustom="browser | customstring"
   CacheProfile="cache profile name | ''"
   NoStore="true | false"
   SqlDependency="database/table name pair | CommandNotification"
   ProviderName="Provider Name"  

Refer this: @ OutputCache

Caching ASP.NET Pages

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This is not what I'm asking for. I'm familiar with OutputCache. My question concerns caching asp.net page by cdn, such as MaxCDN or other –  Krzysztof Sałajczyk Feb 28 '13 at 13:27

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