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I'm trying to scale my Actor using actions. But it does not work. I just want my actor to increase/decrease its size over a given time.

The Actor will just wait for the 2 seconds duration I have given the ScaleTo. It correctly moves based on the MoveTo action I gave it.

public class SpriteTest extends Actor {
       private Sprite sprite;
       private TextureAtlas atlas;
       Rectangle boundsd = new Rectangle();

       public SpriteTest(FirstGame game) {
  FirstGame.LOG, "spritetest's costructor" );
           atlas = new TextureAtlas(Gdx.files.internal("pages-info.atlas"));
           sprite = atlas.createSprite("Plus");

       public void draw(SpriteBatch batch,float parentAlpha) {
            batch.draw(sprite, x, y);

// We are adding the actor to the stage in another class

public class LevelScreen extends AbstractScreen {
   private Jumper2D jumper2d;
   SpriteTest obstacled = new SpriteTest(game); 

   public LevelScreen(FirstGame game) {

   protected boolean isGameScreen() {
      return true;

   public void show() {;

               (ScaleTo.$(1.4f, 1.4f, 2),(MoveTo.$(100,120, 3f) ))
      jumper2d = Jumper2D.create(getAtlas());

   public void render () {;
      stage.act(Math.min(, 1 / 30f));

Any help is appreciated

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Your draw() method for SpriteTest is ignoring any scale or rotation settings on the Actor. You need to draw the sprite scaled/rotated/sized appropriately. (You may also need to set the Actor's x, y, width, and height --- see setBounds)

public void draw(SpriteBatch batch, float parentAlpha)
     final Color c = getColor();
     batch.setColor(c.r, c.g, c.b, c.a * parentAlpha);
     batch.draw(sprite, getX(), getY(), getOriginX(), getOriginY(), getWidth(), getHeight(), getScaleX(), getScaleY(), getRotation());
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Got it Thanks a lot :) – Silentasssasssin Feb 28 '13 at 19:03
@Silentasssasssin Welcome to stackoverflow. If my answer answers your question, please mark it as "accepted" (click the checkmark on the left). See the FAQ for more details – P.T. Mar 1 '13 at 15:28
Thanks, it's obvious but when you begin libgdx (like i am) it is a very common mistake and can make you spend hours to find it. – Don Mar 22 '14 at 16:12

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