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I have an input field and a list of numbers (10,43,98,10,45,23,10). I want to convert it to an Array, so I can use this array for multiple functions. Please help point me in the right direction.

var a:Array = Array[];
a.push(_numInput.text);//this is my input field name

var l:Number = 0;
for(var i:uint=0; i< a.length; i++)
    var t1:Number = l += a[i]; 
    var t2:Number = a.length;   
    var t3:Number = t1 / t2; 

//when i trace the _numInput.text the number show up but i can not use them.
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Use split(); to convert string like this to an array.

var a:Array = _numInput.text.split(",");
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Thanks for the help – Crespo Feb 28 '13 at 20:35
the only problem is getting the total of every number in length. i try different ways but i can not make work. i geting – Crespo Feb 28 '13 at 23:25

If you have comma separated numbers in your text field then following is a simplest way to get an array,

 var str = "10,43,98,10,45,23,10";

 function convertTextFieldStringToArray(s:String):Array
     var a = s.split(",");

     return a;

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Spliting a string will just create an array of strings
So what you need to do is then convert that array to an array of int

    public function mapIt(obj:Object, index:int, arr:Array):int {
        // validation might be a good idea here since this is user imputed text.
        return int(obj) // convert to int

    // your input string
    var str:String = "10,43,98,10,45,23,10";

    // convert string to array of strings
    var arrayOfStrings:Array = str.split(",")

    trace( typeof arrayOfStrings[0])// verify first element is a string
    trace( arrayOfStrings[0] + arrayOfStrings[0]) // verify string concatination

    var arrayOfInt:Array = // map each element 
    trace( typeof arrayOfInt[0]) // verify first element is an int
    trace( arrayOfInt[0] + arrayOfInt[0]) // verify numbers are correctly added
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You need to Cast the String to an Integer!!


Edit:Ups, seems i didn't quite understand the question pre-edit

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