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Currently I am using NSMutableArray as a property. However I am also using opengl and for performance purposes I want to use malloc to create an a pointer to the int array and have this as the property.

How would I do this in objective c and still make sure that my memory is safe? Perhaps this is not even a safe thing to do in objective c? Mixing malloc with properties.

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You can have pointers as properties. You're going to have to manage the memory yourself though, (ie since it won't be an objective c object, it can't be automatically retained and release.)

The following should work.

@interface ClassWithProperties : NSObject {
    int *pointer;

@property int *pointer;


@implementation ClassWithProperties

@synthesize pointer;

- (void) initializePointer {
    self.pointer = malloc(sizeof(int) * 8);

- (void) dealloc {

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I recommend a (nonatomic) (removes threading overhead) after @property and a if (self.pointer != NULL) in front of free(self.pointer). – MrMage Oct 3 '09 at 15:07
You don't need the if(self.pointer != NULL) check before free(), free() is required by the C standard to have no effect if the pointer passed to it is NULL. – Adam Rosenfield Oct 3 '09 at 15:14

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