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I'm trying to zoom out by changing the zoomScale of my UIWebview. I'm trying to make all the content of the page smaller. Here is my method:

        _mainWebView.scalesPageToFit = NO;
        _mainWebView.scrollView.zoomScale = 0.2;
        NSLog(@"zoomScale: %f",_mainWebView.scrollView.zoomScale); //Always 1.000

the zoomScale will always show 1.000 after the UIWebView is loaded.

if I set it in here:

    CTCoreMessage *msg = [_messages objectAtIndex:i];
    NSString *body = [msg htmlBody];

    [_mainWebView loadHTMLString:body baseURL:nil];
    _mainWebView.scrollView.zoomScale = 0.2;

The zoomScale does change and loads the UIWebView smaller but returns to 1.000 when I load the next msg . I thought maybe it got something to do about reloading the page like when you need to reload data in a UITableView but inside makeSmaller the scale always stays on 1.000 so I don't think refreshing got anything to do with it.

Anyone can tell me what's the difference ? Thanks

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Have you set scalesPageToFit to NO? –  Joshua Smith Feb 28 '13 at 15:25
yes. I've updated the code. –  Segev Feb 28 '13 at 15:28

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