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I have followed following links to add custom link to SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar. But I am not able to see the link on Suite bar. I have also changed the sequence attribute of Delegate control but still no luck. I have checked the sequence attribute by changing values like 10, 20, 30, 50, 90 and even 150. but no success. Do somebody know what the problem can be ?



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Please add some code: either Elements.xml or the control's code itself would be helpful. I've used the author of the second link's approach and it worked for me. However the styling did not work, so I just did writer.Write("<a href='#'">LINK</a>'") instead.

Also, I suggest posting on sharepoint.stackexchange.com. I feel it's much better since it's a domain specific StackExchange site and I've seen SharePoint MVPs and top bloggers posting there.

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i know it might be too late.

in my case the problem was with the user control path

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