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I am trying to fetch data from my mysql server using Play! my approach is like this:

  1. in /application.conf:

  2. /models/Budget.java:

    package models;
    public class Budget extends Model {  
    public String id;
    public String hauptkategorie;
    public static Model.Finder<String,Budget> find = new Model.Finder<String,Budget>(String.class, Budget.class);
    public static Map<String,String> options() {
        LinkedHashMap<String,String> options = new LinkedHashMap<String,String>();
        for(Budget c: Budget.find.orderBy("id").findList()) {
            options.put(c.id, c.hauptkategorie);
        return options;

And I have a table in CED Database named as budget with 2 columns id, hauptkategorie. When I run the server I get this error Database 'default' needs evolution! and tries to apply sql script which creates table. However, what I want to budget is fetching the data from my DB. Where could be the configuration problem or missing part?

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You must uncomment this property in the application.conf

   # Evolutions
   # ~~~~~
   # You can disable evolutions if needed
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