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I am using a special version of FullCalendar that supports Resource Views.

I only have a couple of problems with it. It seems to automatically set the column widths, which I think applying this sort of addresses that:


Then the html writes that width of the cells is 100px, but it is still trying to auto fit everything.

What I want it to do is if it is too big, to h-scroll, but I always want each cell to be exactly 100px.

I have this style for scrolling:


But the elements are still showing up as variable widths based on the date. Here is what it looks like:

enter code here

Clearly, each of my columns are not 100px as I have requested, and the resource columns are not 150px as requested. What can I do to get the desired look?

The other problem is there is no class defined for a new week. I would really like to show the columns where week X is written as different colors.

Any insight into either of these would be very helpful.


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I think I had that problem before, putting this line on my calendar table worked for me.

#calendar table { table-layout: fixed; }

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This worked for me. Thank you so much. I added it inside my media queries as I wanted this behaviour at all sizes e.g. @media (max-width: 767px) { #calendar table { table-layout: fixed; } } – VictorySaber Feb 13 '14 at 15:13

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