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I have a file with file with 1 string following by a serialized lm object through rhipe, ie:

rhcollect (key, serialize(lm_result, NULL))

this file looks like:

[1] "1.0\t0x88 0x10 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x2 0x0 0x2 0x15  ......

I want to read this file and unserialize my lm object.

x <- rhread (file)
key <- x[[1]][1]]
lm.object <- unserialize(x[[1]][[2]])

I am getting an index out of bounds error (of course). I am not sure how can i seperate my serialized object from the string in front.

I have tried something like

 s <- strsplit ( x, "\t")
 obj <- s[[1]][[2]]
 lm.object = unserialize(obj)

but i am getting this error: Error in unserialize(obj) : character vectors are no longer accepted by unserialize()

any help appreciated

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Save the original file as a sequence file, and the first solution works.

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