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I have the following plot (with 3 rows and 4 columns):

f, ((ax1, ax2, ax3, ax4), (ax5, ax6, ax7, ax8), (ax9, ax10, ax11, ax12)) = plt.subplots(3,   4, sharex = 'col', sharey = 'row')
ax1.plot([x], [y])

How is it possible to insert text outside the plot window? For each row I would like to write a sentence on the right end side of the plot.

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You could use the ax.set_title() function.

Alternatively, you might want to place your text using the ax.text() function. Note that you can use values in the position argument that extend your axes ranges. Additionally, you can set the reference coordinate system using the transform parameter.

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There as also annotate which is more flexible than text –  tcaswell Feb 28 '13 at 16:51

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