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I am creating a table and want it laid out a certain way and have to retrieve the data from the DB. I am trying to get it set up where it has the usernames across the top example...

 Jim     Chris     Allen    Rick
 7       8          4         5

my code looks like this and I have been messing around with it for hours and cant figure out why I cant get it set up how I want. Any help would be appreciated. Its a while loop.

   while ($pickresults= mysql_fetch_assoc($picksquery)) {
//first row                         
    echo '<th> '.$pickresults['username'].' </th> ';  
        echo ' <td> '.$pickresults['firstgame'].' </td> '; } 
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First off, you should learn the HTML code for tables. Your code is putting a Table Header (th) next to a normal column item (td). You need to loop through the headers first then next row loop through the column items or build the strings to echo out.

$headers = $col = "";
while($pickresults= mysql_fetch_assoc($picksquery)){
    $headers .= "<th> {$pickresults['username']} </th>";
    $col .= "<td> {$pickresults['firstgame']} </td>";

echo "<table><tr>$headers</tr><tr>$col</tr></table>";
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upvote for sweet and simple – michi Feb 28 '13 at 16:14

Your structure is creating a TH then a TD and then a TH and then a TD etc.

This isn't how you create a table, you first need to make the four TH's and THEN you can make the four TD's.

Edit: Marko D has supplied the code to explain what I mean.

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thanks a lot. This helps a lot. Saving the loop to an array is money. – Ricky Feb 28 '13 at 16:08

First collect table header and body, and then output them. The way you were doing, html was like this, I guess it's easy to see what is wrong with html

<th>another name</th>
<td>another value</td>

What you need is this:

$td = '';
$th = '';
while ($pickresults= mysql_fetch_assoc($picksquery)) {                      
    $th .= '<th> '.$pickresults['username'].' </th> ';  
    $td .= '<td> '.$pickresults['firstgame'].' </td> ';
echo '<table><tr>' . $th . '</tr><tr>' . $td . '</tr>' . '</table>';
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Don't forget the enclosing <tr> around each row, or this won't be a valid <table>. – Michael Berkowski Feb 28 '13 at 16:06
thanks, I updated my answer – Marko D Feb 28 '13 at 16:10
thanks for the help guys. – Ricky Feb 28 '13 at 16:14

You need to write all usernames in <th>-tags. I'd put it in an array first, and from the array into the table...

while ($pickresults= mysql_fetch_assoc($picksquery)) {



echo "<table><tr>"; // create table and 1st row

foreach ($picked as $pick) {

     echo "<th>{$pick['username']}</th>"; // create 1st line headers


echo "</tr><tr>"; // close 1st row and open 2nd

foreach ($picked as $pick) {

    echo "<td>{$pick['firstgame']}</td>"; // create 2nd line...


echo "</tr></table>"; // close 2nd row and table
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