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With the following script running in window1


function handler
  echo "the time is $(date)" >> /tmp/zz

rm /tmp/zz
trap handler USR1
echo "This is $$"

In window2 I am sending a signal with "kill -USR1 PID_OF_WINDOW1_SCRIPT"

The /tmp/zz file is non existant after I send the signal

I'm pretty sure that this used to work for me in the past Any idea?

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The shell isn't free to call your handler until cat completes. Type an end-of-file character (Controld) to end cat, which lets the shell run your handler and exit.

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Thanks .. I actually just figured it out a minute before (reading ... cat in this case was just a place-holder for a another long running process that I do not want to kill ... I will use alternate solutions to my need – nhed Feb 28 '13 at 17:19

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