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I'm new to Apache Solr. I want to import a rdf file into solr for indexing.I have googled it but I didn't find anything useful. please give me some pointers.

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Solr accepts JSON documents. You can transform your RDF document into a JSON-LD document. JSON-LD is a RDF serialization format and it is part of RDF 1.1. You can safely go back and forth between JSON-LD and other RDF serializations and not loose any data.

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Take a look at HttpDataSource example of DataImportHandler. It talks about processing RDF using XPathEntityProcessor.

Edit - Another blog - RDF Aggregates and Full Text Search on Steroids with Solr

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You can also look for Siren that has the capability of adding RDF data to lucene

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My 2 cents on this experiment, let me know what you think about:

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