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I have the following query call:

SearchList = (DBSession.query(
    .filter(or_(ExtensionMap.exten == ExtendedCDR.extension,ExtensionMap.prev_exten == ExtendedCDR.extension))

I would like to be able to define the order_by clause prior to calling the .query(), is this possible?

I tried doing as this stackoverflow answer suggests for a filter spec, but I had no idea how to create the filter_group syntax.

From that post:

filter_group = list(Column.in_('a','b'),Column.like('%a'))
query = query.filter(and_(*filter_group))
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You build a SQL query with the DBSession.query() call, and this query is not executed until you call .all() on it.

You can store the intermediary results and add more filters or other clauses as needed:

search =DBSession.query(
search = search.filter(or_(
    ExtensionMap.exten == ExtendedCDR.extension,
    ExtensionMap.prev_exten == ExtendedCDR.extension))
search = search.filter(between(ExtendedCDR.start, datebegin, dateend))
search = search.filter(ExtendedCDR.extension.in_(SelectedExtension))
search = search.group_by(ExtendedCDR.extension)
search = search.order_by(func.count(ExtendedCDR.uniqueid).desc())

The value you pass to order_by can be created ahead of time:

search_order = func.count(ExtendedCDR.uniqueid).desc()

then used like:

search = search.order_by(search_order)

Once your query is complete, get the results by calling .all():

SearchList = search.all()
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