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I have a select option that gets its initial value from EmailField and its options from allEmailFields:

<select data-bind="options: $parent.allEmailFields, value: EmailField()"></select>

When I change the value of the select my model doesn't get updated. Isn't this something two way binding should take care of? Or I need to write handler for the change event?

Module is here:

    define('mods/fieldmapping', ["knockout", "libs/knockout.mapping", "datacontext", "mods/campaigner", "text!templates/fieldmapping.html", "text!styles/fieldmapping.css"],
function (ko, mapping, datacontext, campaigner, html, css) {
    'use strict';
        fieldMappingItem = function (data) {
            var self = this;
            self.CrmField = ko.observable(data.CrmField);
            self.EmailField = ko.observable(data.EmailField);
        dataMappingOptions = {
            key: function (data) {
                return data.PlatformFieldName;
            create: function (options) {
                return new fieldMappingItem(options.data);
        fieldMappingViewModel = {
            contentLoading: ko.observable(false)
        showFieldMapping = function () {
        init = function (connectionId, connectionName) {            
            fieldMappingViewModel.fieldMappings = mapping.fromJS([]);
            fieldMappingViewModel.allEmailFields = mapping.fromJS([]);            
            fieldMappingViewModel.originatorConnectionName = ko.observable();
            fieldMappingViewModel.saveFieldMappings = function () {
                        cid: connectionId,
                        RequestEntity: ko.toJSON(fieldMappingViewModel.fieldMappings)
                    function (data) {

            amplify.request('getExistingFieldMappings', { cid: connectionId }, function (data) {
                amplify.request("getCampaignerFields", function (breezerData) {
                    mapping.fromJS(breezerData.ResponseEntity, fieldMappingViewModel.allEmailFields);
                mapping.fromJS(data.ResponseEntity, dataMappingOptions, fieldMappingViewModel.fieldMappings);                
                ko.applyBindings(fieldMappingViewModel, $('#fieldMapping')[0]);
    return {
        init: init,
        fieldMappingViewModel: fieldMappingViewModel,
        html: html,
        css : css
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<select data-bind="options: $parent.allEmailFields, value: EmailField()"></select>


<select data-bind="options: $parent.allEmailFields, value: EmailField"></select>

if you want to create bi-derectinonal dependency, so you should pass into binding observable.

P.S.: http://knockoutjs.com/documentation/observables.html#observables

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If I leave the () then I get the initial value from data.EmailField but can't update it from the view. If I remove the () then you are right it updates the observable when I change the selected option but I no longer get the initial value of data.EmailField –  XGreen Feb 28 '13 at 17:01
@XGreen are you sure that data.EmailField contains data? Initial value should be set: jsfiddle.net/htCSL –  Serjio Feb 28 '13 at 17:07
Yes I am sure I wouldn't get anything from it with () if it didn't have data –  XGreen Feb 28 '13 at 17:20
@XGreen It's complicated to advice smth need more information. Can you create working example on jsfiddle? –  Serjio Feb 28 '13 at 17:26

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