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Choosing the emacs key bindings in Eclipse on OS X is nice, but the Option and Command keys need to be swapped to be convenient.

This is a problem in emacs itself under OS X. The solution under emacs is easy. (Look under Mac OS X in Meta-key problems.)

How do I swap Option and Command after choosing the emacs keybindings under Eclipse (without doing it one-by-one, that is)?

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You can swap these keys globally in “System Preferences”, “Keyboard”, “Keyboard” tab, “Modifier keys…”. I do not know any solution specific to Eclipse.

You may also want to look at emacs-eclim, which makes Eclipse commands available within Emacs.

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This messes up OSX. For example, I'd like command-tab to continue to switch between programs, yet I'd like command-d to delete the current word within Eclipse. That is why I found it is best to leave OSX alone and swap the option and command in ~/.emacs. –  Calaf Feb 28 '13 at 19:13

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