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I have 8 text areas in a jsp. How to enable a common scrollbar (A Horizontal scroll bar) for all 8 text areas?

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This has nothing to do with JSP. You can achieve a similar effect that will synchronize the scrollbars in textareas to a given value by using javascript. You can set the horizontal scrolling amount of a textarea by means of the scrollLeft property. The scrollWidth property will give you the total scrollable length of each textarea.

You could, for instance, create a slider component using jQuery, and use its slide() method to dynamically change the scroll amount of each textarea to a percentage.

<textarea id="textarea1" 
    onscroll="document.getElementById('textarea2').scrollLeft = this.scrollLeft;">
    ... some text ... 

<textarea id="textarea2" 
    onscroll="document.getElementById('textarea1').scrollLeft = this.scrollLeft;">
    ... some text ... 

<div id="slider"></div>

$(function() {
    $( "#slider" ).slider({
        slide: function( event, ui ) {
        var val = ui.value/100;
        var t1 = document.getElementById('textarea1');
        t1.scrollLeft = val*t1.scrollWidth;
        var t2 = document.getElementById('textarea2');
        t2.scrollLeft = val*t2.scrollWidth;

See it working in this JSFiddle.

If you don't want to use jQuery, you could also try with an HTML5 <input type="range"> element. See an example in this other fiddle.

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