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Im using jQuery and highcharts.js to build a single line chart on my webpage that shows historical financial data for whatever company the user requests. I have been playing around with YQL and used this statement to retrieve some quotes in JSON format:

select * from where symbol = "AAPL" and startDate = "2013-02-01" and endDate = "2013-02-25"

Heres a link to the YQL console with my query:*

It returns a bunch of info about execution-start-time and exection-end-time and then at the end it gives me the quotes im after:

"results": {
"quote": [
 "date": "2013-02-25",
 "Date": "2013-02-25",
 "Open": "453.85",
 "High": "455.12",
 "Low": "442.57",
 "Close": "442.80",
 "Volume": "13306400",
 "Adj_Close": "442.80"

Im having trouble extracting the Close price information from the results, ive tried the following code but im having trouble.

    $.getJSON('*', function(data){


    var close = data.query.results.quote.close;


Can somebody tell me where im going wrong as I am new to jquery, yql and json.


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It looks to me like the returned quote object is an array ? Have you tried

var close = data.query.results.quote[0].Close;

If not, try setting a breakpoint on that line and examine the data object (e.g. in firebug).

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I have tried using firebug but its still not working. It is showing that: query: Object {count=16} results: Object {quote=[16]} quote 0: Object { date="2013-02-25", Date="2013-02-25", Open="453.85", more...} this is the same for all 16 quotes –  James Mar 1 '13 at 13:03
Try my updated code. Note the upper case 'Close' –  SteveP Apr 1 '13 at 14:15

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