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ive been testing an sha512 class. i need to generate a hash from a string within flash cs5, but i need it to match the hash produced by asp.net(vb). it appears to be adding a zero somewhere in the string, and i dont know why.

these are the files im using: Porting SHA512 Javascript implemention to Actionscript.

the hashed string is the name "Karla" in this example

example (asp.net)// ** the brackets show where the difference is ** C4DB628AD520AFF7308ED19E91635E8E24A6C7CFD4DB2F71BBE2FA6CD63770B315A839143037BB9DB16784C0BDCEB622ECAA4077D4D8(1787)D5023E86734748



there's added info below, in the link i provided, but i do not think it related to what i need, i dont think im using hmac, just a straight string hash, however, when i do it in vb.net i get the bytes from the string first the i has the bytes.

I had a feeling that the as3 code converted the string automatically in the sha512 class?

hoping someone came across this issue as well.

thanks for any help with this.

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Neither one of those hashes are correct. The correct SHA512 hash for the string "Karla" is:


However, I would wager that the AS3 hash is actually correct -- the javascript version generates the correct hash, see here -- and was just pasted incorrectly.

In two places in the computed hash, it contains the byte 0x08, but in the ASP.NET version high 4 bits of the byte are being lost, and its being appended to the output string as just "8" not "08".

Basically, your ASP.NET hash generator is trashing numbers less than 0x10 -- ignoring the leading zero -- and giving you malformed hashes..

Another way to tell that there is something amiss with your ASP.NET hash is that its only 126 characters (504 hex encoded bits) long.

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