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I'm using DAO to execute SQL statements on an Access database. If I was using VBA, I could use dbFailOnError to throw an error if an update query fails, like so:

function updateTable(db as DAO.Database) as boolean

 on error goto errHandler
 db.execute "update testTable set name='xyz' where name='abc'",dbFailOnError
 exit function

  on error goto 0

end function

How do I pass dbFailOnError using .NET Interop? It seems that the equivalent would be:

using Dao = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Dao;
namespace DatabaseFunctions
    public class Updater
        public bool updateTable(Dao.Database db)
             db.Execute("update testTable set name='xyz' where name='abc'",
             return true;
             return false;

But what namespace do I find dbFailOnError in? It's not in Dao.

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great, thanks. I'll accept if you post this answer. –  sigil Feb 28 '13 at 17:54

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dbFailOnError is a member of the DAO enum, RecordsetOptionEnum ... so try DAO.RecordsetOptionEnum.dbFailOnError

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