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First, I'm very new to bootstrap so try to bear with me on this one. I've been working on a website that has a bootstrap sidebar I'm trying to get working right. I've seen other examples of this but I'm not sure what to do.

On the sidebar, I am using an <i> element icon before each item which in this case is toggle icon-chevron-right. What I would like to do is when someone clicks on an item on the sidebar, revealing the sub-items, the icon will change to toggle icon-chevron-right to toggle icon-chevron-down.

I have played around with some JavaScript trying to get it working but to no avail. Any insights would be helpful.

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You can change the class on the icon, when the <a> clicked:

$('a').click(function () {
   var icon = $(this).find('i');
   if (icon.hasClass('icon-chevron-down')) {
   else {
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That did it! I guess it was as easy as replacing the class. Thank you! –  strudinox Feb 28 '13 at 18:09

You could use a sprite with both your right and down arrows in then use CSS to toggle between the two by adjusting the background position.


element {
    background: url(images/whatever.png) no-repeat;

 element:active {
    background: url(images/whatever.png) no-repeat 10px 10px;

play around with the position until you have it right

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