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This should be an easy one, but I've googled a fair bit.

I am trying to create a database log for my rails app. The log is a postgres table which has a timestamp field, which I have given a DEFAULT of current_timestamp. This works perfectly in raw SQL, if I leave the timestamp field out of my INSERT query, it gets the current timestamp correctly.

In rails I have;

entry = :fieldA => 'valA', :fieldB => 'valB'

(LogTable extends ActiveRecord::Base)

Which results in an INSERT query that contains all fields, including the timestamp field set to NULL, which is not allowed by the database so it errors.

I have tried setting :timestamp => 'current_timestamp' and :timestamp => 'DEFAULT' but all end up trying to set it to NULL.

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Is your current_timestamp just the current date/time? If so, you can stay simple and do something like:

entry = :fieldA => 'valA', :fieldB => 'valB', :timestamp =>

If it's something more complex and you really want to use DB-side defaults, this page might help:

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I assumed that this would not work, as the field is actually a postgres DATETIME_WITH_TIMEZONE field, not just a simple unix timestamp. I am unable to check until tomorrow morning, but thanks for the input. –  lynks Feb 28 '13 at 19:33
should work, as it's essentially the same as I deduce from here:…. you may need to do instead of, though I doubt (will be converted to UTC anyway, if I understand it right). still you may need to experiment. –  moonfly Feb 28 '13 at 19:44

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