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I'm using Capistrano and have everything configured. The weird issue I have is that before, I got a nice Passenger error saying what was wrong (I hadn't fully uploaded my vendor/rails directory). After I do that, however, I'm now getting the general Rails We're sorry, but something went wrong 500 error instead of the Passenger error page. My production log shows nothing (only that the log was created). Apache logs show nothing. I don't get why I'm no longer seeing the Passenger error that tells me exactly what is wrong; fixing the error Passenger was complaining about shouldn't prevent it from getting there, should it?

Can anyone help me?

FYI I'm running several PHP-based applications on the same server, with the rails app set as a subdomain (e.g. The full stack is:

  • Fedora Core 8
  • Apache 2.2.9
  • MySQL 5.0.45
  • Rails 2.3.4
  • Passenger 2.2.5
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You have two issues at hand:

  1. You're log file isn't writable by Passenger. Passengers runs as Apache. So make sure the webserver has the correct rights to write to the log/ directory.

  2. You are probably missing a gem, database or configuration file. Can you start a console session?

    ./script/console production

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I am able to start a console session. I figured it out, it was using the wrong socket to MySQL (for some reason I changed it and committed it to SVN but Capistrano didn't pull it down) – Wayne M Oct 3 '09 at 17:36

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