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This is my code...


$j = 1;
$imgClass = "cname";
$imgSet = 'imgSet'.$j;
$setClass = $imgSet.' '.$imgClass;

$divHtml = '<div class=' . $setClass . '>' .'some text'. '</div>';

echo $divHtml;


Desired output was:

<div class="imgSet1 cname">some text</div>

Current output is:

<div class="imgSet1" cname="">some text</div>

Not understanding where i went wrong...

Thanks in advance

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You are not actually wrapping the class in quotes. Your code is perfectly fine otherwise.

Change this:

$divHtml = '<div class=' . $setClass . '>' .'some text'. '</div>';

To this:

$divHtml = '<div class="' . $setClass . '">' .'some text'. '</div>';
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seriously.. this was bugging me... i knew it must be something silly.. maybe i am very sleepy working late nights.. thanks buddy... –  brucekaushik Feb 28 '13 at 18:39
It happens! Glad I could help –  burmat Feb 28 '13 at 18:41

Missing the double quotes:

$divHtml = '<div class="' . $setClass . '">some text</div>';

The single quotes around 'some text' aren't necessary.

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Lets break your code down:

$j = 1;
$imgClass = "cname";
$imgSet = 'imgSet'.$j; // "imgSet1"
$setClass = $imgSet.' '.$imgClass; // "imgSet1 cname"

$divHtml = '<div class=' . $setClass . '>' .'some text'. '</div>'; // "<div class=imgSet1 cname>some text</div>"

Specifically look closely at what the variables truely are.

I would suggest:

$divHtml = "<div class='$setClass'>some text</div>"; // or use =\"..\" in class
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Quoting is human-errorprone. Combining it with concatenation is worse. Try " with variable interpolation,

 $divHtml = "<div class='$setClass'>some text</div>";

or HEREDOC syntax (usually for longer strings),

$divHtml = <<<EOD
    <div class='$setClass'>some text</div>;

This avoids scattering small, easily confused marks across your code.

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