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I'm developing an application using the Google drive api (java version). The application saves files on a Google drive mimicking a file system (i.e. has a folder tree). I started by using the files.list() method to retrieve all the existing files on the Google drive but the response got slower as the number of files increased (after a couple of hundred).

The java Google API hardcodes the response timeout to 20 seconds. I changed the code to load one folder at a time recursively instead (using files.list().setQ("'folderId' in parents) ). This method beats the timeout problem but it consistently misses about 2% of the files in my folders (the same files are missing each time). I can see those files through the Google drive web browser interface and even through the Google drive API if I search the file name directly files.list().setQ("title='filename'").

I'm assuming that the "in parents" search uses some inexact indexing which may only be updated periodically. I need a file listing that's more robust and accurate.

Any ideas?

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Just to be clear - I always call setMaxResults( 100000 ) so it is not that I'm hitting the default 100 limit. –  James G Feb 28 '13 at 18:55
I upvoted this because I'm working on a browser less device with gdrive. I'm currently storing the list locally in a json file. I use that to poll for updates/changes, because I ran through the exact issue you mentioned above. –  mhaqs Feb 28 '13 at 22:22

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could you utilize the Page mechanism to do multiple times of queries and each query just asks for a small mount of result ?

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