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I am trying to configure a firewall that will block or change destination of packets based on their content, to be specific - HTTP requests to some pages on some hosts (yeah, that's another "great firewall"). I have no problem with blocking, it is as simple as:

iptables -A FORWARD -m string --string "Host:" --algo bm -j DROP

The problem is with changing destination address. It is only possible in PREROUTING chain in the nat table. But rules like

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -m string --string "Host:" --algo bm -j DNAT --to-destination

just never trigger. I tried to mark packets in PREROUTING chain in mangle table and check for mark in nat/PREROUTING. Packets are marked but never catched in nat/PREROUTING.

Am I doing something wrong (except this whole thing, of course)?

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The answer was placed in serverfault.… – anyone May 23 '15 at 22:41

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