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This code

$text = 'xxx AA BB xxx xäxAAx xBBBxóx ';
$words = array('AA BB', 'AA','BB');
$text = preg_replace('/(\w*('.implode("|",$words).')\w*)/i', '[b]$1[/b]', $text);


xxx [b]AA BB[/b] xxx xä[b]xAAx[/b] [b]xBBBx[/b]óx

how to modify to receive

xxx [b]AA BB[/b] xxx [b]xäxAAx[/b] [b]xBBBxóx[/b]

problem is with non alphanumerical chars, file is in utf-8, text is from mysql in utf-8

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\w in php is only ASCII based. Replace this with the Unicode character property \p{L} and it will work.

 $text = preg_replace('/(\p{L}*('.implode("|",$words).')\p{L}*)/ui', '[b]$1[/b]', $text);

\p{L} is a Unicode character property, matching any kind of letter from any language

\w contains also digits, if you want this, you need to create your own character class like this:


this would match letters and digits.

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Works great! Thx – user2117559 Feb 28 '13 at 21:22

You must add at end of pattern regex the modifier u

$text3 = preg_replace('/(\w*('.implode("|",$words).')\w*)/iu', '[b]$1[/b]', $text);

And get:

xxx [b]AA BB[/b] xxx [b]xäxAAx[/b] [b]xBBBxóx[/b]

The pattern modifiers can you see Here

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Have you tested this? On writecodeonline.com/php this returns the same unwanted result. As I know the u modifier does not change the behaviour of the predefined character classes. – stema Feb 28 '13 at 21:17
don't work, with p{L} work great, as above – user2117559 Feb 28 '13 at 21:24

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