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Is it possible to determine the directory where required scripts come from?

My ultimate goal is to...

// return the directory where `mysql` module is found
var mysqldir = requiredir('mysql')

So I can have a handy reference for all these modules, and hopefully people in the enlightened future, will include module docs/cheatsheets intended to be accessed in this manner

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required.resolve(...) may be what you're looking for:

function requiredir(id) {
    return path.dirname(require.resolve(id));

Though, this will follow the main setting:

> requiredir('grunt')

Another option may be to use npm's view, though this is limited to registered packages:

npm.load({}, function (err) {
    npm.commands.view(['mysql', 'readme'], true, function (err, readme) {
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Wow, I am really not the first person to want to do this..! –  Billy Moon Feb 28 '13 at 20:06

If you want to determine the absolute path of a module you can use require.resolve('module')


You can extract the folder path by a regular expression

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