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So I'm attempting to upgrade a SQLite database. My upgrade requires me to change a column datatype. Thus my thought processs was to do (I'll call the table foo):

  1. Create a foo_temp table.
  2. Insert old data from foo into foo_temp table.
  3. Drop the old foo table.
  4. Alter the foo_temp table to foo.

However it fails on step 3, because of the foreign key constraints. I've tried everything from inserting a PRAGMA foreign_keys = OFF; before the drop, to appending a foreign keys=false; to the connection string. It doesn't appear Fluent Nhibernate will let me drop this table. Perhaps there is a setting I can disable when I configure a 'Fluently' connection? I can't seem to find it.

I've noticed when I go and use a UI client (like SQLiteSpy), it has no problems dropping the table. What could be causing this?

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So I've come up with a solution that seems to work. Using the code I found here (credit goes to ppiotrowicz):

enabling SQLite foreignkeys in nhibernate

I basically swapped out PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON for PRAGMA foreign_keys = OFF and referenced that driver using SQLiteConfiguration.Standard.ConnectionString(cs).Driver<MyDriver>()

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