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I "transfered" a python project from sublime2 to eclipse. Now I got a lot of indentation errors. I tried to us script to correct this, but I got an error.

reindent -r /project_root


python -m reindent -r /project_root

results in:

IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

I would like to reindent recursively.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are running on a system where you can easily install VIM, Alex Martelli's answer in this question is the quickest alternative to reindent that I have… – DeaconDesperado Feb 28 '13 at 19:50

You probably have some tabs and some spaces, it needs to be consistant. If you do not have many files then running python -m tabnanny <file name>.py will help resolve which ones have the issue.

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same thing with tabnanny: Indentation Error: unindent does not match any outer indentation level (<tokenize>, line 40) – Ёжик в тумане Mar 2 '13 at 13:37

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