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I'm trying to construct a query that compares two tables with identical structure

Table 1:
ID | Data 

Table 2:
ID | Data

ID is a nonunique key (Data is repeatable but ID|Data combos are unique). I need a list of IDs where the COUNT of those IDs is greater in Table 2 than in Table 1.

So for example, if

Table 1
a | data
a | data1    
b | data2

Table 2
a | data
a | data1
b | data2
b | data3

would generate the output "b"

This feels like it should be easy, but my head is scrambled right now. I'm doing this in mysql if that affects options.

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To get the count for each key,

select count(*) as count, ID from Table1 group by ID

So, use this as a sub-query in the from clause, and join the tables.

select tt1.ID
from (select count(*) as count, ID from Table1 group by ID) tt1
  inner join (select count(*) as count, ID from Table2 group by ID) tt2
     on tt1.ID = tt2.ID
where tt1.count < tt2.count
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Does mysql allow a select query where you're not selecting anything? –  Dan Bracuk Feb 28 '13 at 20:00
My mistake. I'll edit the answer. –  Marlin Pierce Feb 28 '13 at 20:03

Tested in MySQL.

select case when count(d1.id) > count(d2.id) then d1.id end as 'id'  from 
(select id from t1) d1,
(select id from t2) d2
group by d1.id
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I like this solution as well since I hadn't use select case in MySQL before. But this place only lets me pick one right answer and the other seemed generalizable to more situations. –  Kyle Banerjee Mar 1 '13 at 13:48

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