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Need clarification on the following code.

As I recall, sometime back Utilities.jsonStringify() did not save functions in JSON objects. But now they are saving it as a string ("resultFn":"\nfunction (pageNum, pageSize, filter) {\n return [{a:\"abc1\", b:\"bcd1\"}, {a:\"abc2\", b:\"bcd2\"}, {a:\"abc3\", b:\"bcd3\"}, {a:\"abc4\", b:\"bcd4\"}];\n}).

And using eval(), the function can be brought back (see my code in myFunction). It works fine for me, at least for trivial examples.

Q: AFAIK, function serialization is outside the standard. And since this is not documented, can we rely on Google for this as API contract?

Can I also add - this will save me a lot of lines of code :)

var fnResults = function(pageNum, pageSize, filter) {
    return [
        { a: "abc1", b: "bcd1" },
        { a: "abc2", b: "bcd2" },
        { a: "abc3", b: "bcd3" },
        { a: "abc4", b: "bcd4" },  

var TestConfig = {
    pagerId: "TestId",
    pageSize: 10,
    widgetWidth: "15cm",
    filterOptions: [],
    resultFn: fnResults,

function myFunction() {
    var s = Utilities.jsonStringify(TestConfig);
    var o = Utilities.jsonParse(s);
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This is a bug, and you should not rely on it.

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Hi Corey and thanks for the reply. Can I ask if your reply is official Google position or because its outside of the JSON standard? If Google were to carry on as their own "enhancement" I can still make good use of this - so long as Google agrees not to change it. –  Riyaz Mansoor Mar 1 '13 at 5:49

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