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Say that I have the pointer to an object '0x20c28010'. How can I send this object a message in the debugger console (lldb)? As in: [0x20c28010 doSomething];

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If the message doesn't return anything, or returns a pointer, an integer or a floating-point type that you don't care about, you can do this:

p (void)[0x20c28010 doSomething]

If you care about the return type, or the return type is a struct, you need to cast to the correct return type. Examples:

p (int)[0x20c28010 length]
p (float)[0x20c28010 scale]
p (CGPoint)[0x20c28010 origin]

If the message returns a pointer to an Objective-C object or Core Foundation type, you can use po to print the returned object's description:

po [0x20c28010 doSomething]
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Just a warning about this - this will result in any side-effects being executed as well, for the running application –  Richard J. Ross III Feb 28 '13 at 20:28
Is it possible to send a parameter to the message. For instance [0x20c28010 doSomethingWith:0x1231231]??? –  Avner Barr Dec 4 '14 at 15:21

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