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I'm trying to load a chunk of HTML into MSXML's DOMDocument. The said chunk is valid XML with one excepton - it has   entities. MSXML chokes on them, claims "Reference to undefined entity 'nbsp'.".

Can I make MSXML recognize it as valid somehow?

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Simple solution: Just run a text replacement of " " to " " before parsing the document. Which should work, since there cannot be a verbatim   in the text, which should not be replaced.

More standard solution: Declare a nbsp; entity in the xml, by inserting

<!DOCTYPE foobar [
   <!ENTITY nbsp " " >

before the xml root node.

You can also use "0xA0" and &#x00A0; if you actually want a non-breaking space, instead of a normal space

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Ended up with the first option. Oh well. I was hoping it was possible to load those files without modifying them - guess not. –  Seva Alekseyev Mar 1 '13 at 15:29

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